Dystopia Here we Come

On today’s agenda: Let’s start off by stroking DT’s ego and bashing Arnold….then let’s move on further into the world of Trump (since it has no basis in reality)….”we have been taken advantage of by…”

Would that be every war we have instigated in providing our supposed assistance? Every country we have destabilized? Poor Mexico that just minds its own business? Australia that ….dude, really? I mean, REALLY? We have so much that needs to be fixed at home and we’re going to revoke the Johnson Amendment…of COURSE we are….gotta fatten up that golden calf, don’t we? We’ll spend billions on a wall we don’t need and wage wars that aren’t ours while our own people go homeless, our infrastructure further deteriorates, our society fractures at the seams and America starts its great collapse.

Sure, DT – let’s make America hate again. There’s nothing great in what you’re spewing. There is nothing great about the actions you are taking. There is nothing great that we are seeing. There is hate in what you are spewing. There is hate in the actions you are taking. There is only hate, ego and money to be made by you.

I originally went to this video to hear what he had to say about Arnold. I listened to the whole thing……I am ashamed, for the first time in my life, truly ashamed, of my country. We allowed this guy to get far enough that he was actually able to run for president. Regardless of if he won the popular vote or not….the popular vote has never counted – it’s the EC that counts, and we all KNOW THAT. Yet, this hate mongering, narcissistic plutomaniac is allowed, not just allowed, greatly desired to be one of the main contenders for the position of POTUS.

The executive orders should be no surprise to anyone. It is a given for the person who was chosen. Who in the world would have expected anything else? There is no way, given his history, watching his campaign, that anyone could have expected anything else.

To those of you who did vote for him whom I love. I love and cherish you. You are important to me. That hasn’t changed. However…I SERIOUSLY disagree with you. This is the first time I have ever said this; but, do NOT talk to me about this guy. I cannot have a quiet conversation about him.


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